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To thrive at Teleios one needs to be hard-working, self-motivated, creative and super problem-solving oriented. Are you Teleios?

Would you like to join an award winning team to write software to run the world?
Would you like to be part of our Power Hour series and join with fellow developers sharing their experiences and knowledge?
Would you like to be part of the team that delivers Teleios Code Jam every year?

If “yes”, then, keep reading!

About Teleios

Teleios Systems is a leading values-based technology firm based in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, with customers in countries around the region.  Formed almost twenty years ago, we have grown from the proverbial three people working in a garage (a porch in our case), to a company that employs approximately 40 people, including teams in Jamaica, Kenya and the UK.  Passionate about what we create, we are a leader in mobile, cloud and SharePoint development.

Currently, we are launching a revolutionary platform called Teleios QuikWorx, which supports the growth and experience of users in Microsoft Office 365.

Here’s what we’ve built at Teleios over the years:


Teleios has built the award-winning QuikWorx solution as a cloud service. QuikWorx is a platform that allows the creation and sale of custom solutions for SharePoint Online. It leverages Microsoft Azure’s PaaS for storage, analytics and other services.


MessageCentral - a highly available SMS-based messaging service that has sent and received more than a billion messages commercially.

Web applications

From government websites to product-focused solutions, Teleios has been building with the web for a long time.

Mobile Applications

Piko – A TCP-based messaging client for feature phones, that ran from within Azure
Match Dominator – A mobile engagement game built for Android and iOS that allowed players to chat, predict and monitor World Cup and Champions League results

Cool stuff

As part of demonstrating various technologies with the Teleios Code Jam programme, we’ve built robots, piloted drones, constructed multi-touch tables and made bots to name a few of our exploits.

We generally code using the latest Microsoft .Net Framework, Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and, high levels of skill!

Software developers at Teleios are passionate, very growth-oriented, humble, collaborative & curious.

Do you have what it takes to join our team? Are you Teleios?

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