Teleios Systems: Equipping the Next Generation

Today we were visited by twenty (20) sixth form students of the San Juan North Secondary School, accompanied by two of their teachers. The visit was to form part of their Entrepreneurship SBA, where they would gain hands on knowledge in an entrepreneurial environment.

The very lively bunch arrived shortly after lunch and immediately revealed their age with cries of "Oh gor, it have a elevator, why we takin the steps?" (Read: There's an elevator; must we take the steps?)

Despite their protests, they marched upstairs whereupon they were divided into groups - a few students per floor as they could not all fit in one of the Conference Rooms. The groups were greeted by a room laid out with an array of refreshments, and sight of the other room in which their colleagues would sit.

Students interface with the technology

Students interface with the technology

"Oh gooood. Dis real bad, boy, dis real bad!" (Read: Wow, this is incredible!) Repeat several times.

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as the students engaged in the session.

Engaging the Budding Entrepreneurs

After taking care of formalities, the guests were introduced to Mr. Kevin Khelawan, one of the founders of Teleios.

The children were engaged throughout the session as Kevin spoke of the grit and determination needed in the real world of entrepreneurship - beyond what can be taught in class. They rehearsed the fact that they must be “willing to fail and fail often”. They heard first hand stories of passion, perseverance and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’.

It was clear that the vast majority of the group did in fact possess true entrepreneurial aspirations and thus remained enraptured for the session. The group asked probing questions, further highlighting their engagement in the process.

All in all, it was a day well spent.

Teleios Values

Teleios sees it as part of our mission to educate and inspire, particularly the younger generation - who may otherwise be stymied by our education system - to lay ahold of the endless possibilities that exist. With our tagline “software to run the world” we always inspire a global vision and dreaming and doing more than our local context may want us to believe we can.

After today, the mission was definitely accomplished!

Visitors from San Juan North Secondary School

Visitors from San Juan North Secondary School