PODCAST: Interview with Kevin Khelawan on Nurturing the Caribbean Software Development Ecosystem

“Knowing how to code, or at the very least knowing something about coding, is an increasingly desired skill in today’s workplace – regardless of the field. However, for software development firms in the Caribbean region, it can a challenge to find, and keep, suitable talent, which can limit the chances of such businesses growing, or just even surviving.”

Excerpt from ICT Pulse Article: ICTP 027

Recently our COO Kevin Khelewan (@kevinkhelewan) sat down with Michele Marius at ICT Pulse (@ICTPulse) to discuss software development in the Caribbean, creating and sustaining the software ecosystem in the region and lessons learnt through Teleios’ own 21-year journey. 

Take a listen to this ICT Pulse podcast to hear the interview with Kevin.

Teleios Systems COO, Kevin Khelawan

Teleios Systems COO, Kevin Khelawan