A Moment to Reflect… and Celebrate

Sometimes it’s good to take a moment and reflect on your accomplishments to help bolster you for the journey ahead. Our latest award was the Latin America and The Caribbean Partner of the Year Award for Application Development for Teleios QuikWorx, and we look forward to all the opportunities that lay ahead of us. Here’s a look back at our Microsoft awards over the years.

We, at Teleios remain focused on delivering life to all those we interact with – our customers, our partners, and most definitely our very own employee community. We develop new innovations with a view to create real impact on the world. That remains our focus. Receiving awards as a recognition of our work is a welcomed bonus. And for this, we celebrate.

“It’s fantastic that we can be honored by Microsoft like this over the years. Teleios is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all that we do and to operate at the highest level of ethical standards. As an organization we believe that part of our purpose is to develop and empower our people to be effective leaders, thinkers and innovators. It’s my honor to celebrate the Teleios people through these Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards.”

--Kevin Khelewan, COO Teleios Systems

Well done Team Teleios!