Teleios Systems wins The NCB Digital Innovation Challenge with digital service “NCB Concierge”

Team Teleios: From left to right Grayson Alert, Lorenzo Hodges & Sean Hinds

Team Teleios: From left to right Grayson Alert, Lorenzo Hodges & Sean Hinds

On Saturday 2nd April 2016, Teleios Systems participated in and won the inaugural NCB Digital Innovation Challenge hosted by NCB (National Commercial Bank) Jamaica Limited. This challenge was designed to aid the NCB to develop technological solutions that enable one or more entities within the NCB Group of Companies to improve the customers’ experience or derive a new source of revenue ( With over one hundred (100) entries being submitted, twenty percent (20%) of which came from the Caribbean, fourteen (14) teams were given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of six judges.

Teleios Systems emerged as the winners of the challenge with their solution called “NCB Concierge- a Customer Engagement Platform”. Representing Teleios were Lorenzo Hodges who took on the role of the business developer, Sean Hinds who took charge of development and design of the application, and Grayson Alert who dealt with the user experience (UX) design and presented the solution to the attendees.

NCB Concierge transforms the customer’s waiting experience at banks by engaging the customer ahead of time and empowering bank staff with insights to manage the flows of customers. Customers would be able to indicate ahead of time what transactions they want to get done at the bank and receive guidance on what pre-requisites they need so as to have a smooth transaction. At the bank a customer would be able to check-in and receive updated info on what their expected wait times would be. The real power of the solution is in the bank’s ability to allocate staff to areas of need based on expected transaction flows.

Effective service delivers delightful experiences.

With some research, the team was able to identify some of the problems facing both the bank and their customers, with a particular focus on non-teller transactions. For instance, arriving at a bank not knowing what to expect regarding long wait-times, procedures and required documents for transactions produces significant anxiety among customers. From the perspective of the bank, they are generally unaware of what customers have queued up to do and so are unable to minimize customer waiting times. NCB Concierge aims to address this two-sided problem.

When asked about the experience, Lorenzo had this to say:

“I commend NCB for taking such a bold step, considering that banks are not traditionally known for innovation. As innovators ourselves, we were happy to continue playing our part in the eco-system, and to support the bank in designing fresh ways to impact customers. We're humbled and honored to have won the challenge.”

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