Opportunities in a Low Oil Price Economy

In every challenge, there is opportunity.  In the current reality of low oil prices, businesses are being presented with the opportunity to increase the efficiency of their operations, reduce costs and find ways of increasing returns on their investments.  This was the theme of a recent Microsoft event held at the Hilton on February 4, 2015.

Microsoft Trinidad & Tobago organized the event to create a discussion around the realities faced by businesses in a low oil price economy.  Mr. Nirad Tewarie, CEO of AmCham T&T opened the discussion by describing the economic impact of low oil prices on the Trinidad & Tobago economy. 

Throughout the morning, product leaders from Microsoft showcased tools and technology available to businesses that both reduced costs and made better use of already existing technologies.  For instance, Lync is an enterprise-ready and economical choice for video conferencing, while technology like SharePoint can be used for collaboration and document sharing. 

Mr. Ronald Hinds, CEO of Teleios Systems, spoke from the perspective of a Microsoft Partner committed to helping businesses transform by using technology as an enabling platform.  Mr. Hinds talked about the significant technology investments made to acquire core technology platforms, and how business leaders must now focus on gaining the greatest return on those investments.

“Teleios has developed a range of value delivery platforms, which we used to call service delivery platforms. These platforms can quickly and economically be leveraged to deliver services that are designed to improve your efficiency and importantly reduce your costs,” Mr. Hinds stated.   He went on to acknowledge Microsoft, as all Teleios’ value delivery platforms have all been built and developed using Microsoft technologies, and most leverage Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, and Office365 and Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud Platform). 

For example, Teleios has developed an automation tool, QuikWorx, which works in conjunction with Microsoft
technologies such as SharePoint and O365 to help businesses easily create and run workflows across multiple systems.

Mr. Hinds closed by emphasizing that the answers come from a focus on finding solutions not just buying software or technology.  The Teleios approach is one of partnering with clients to discover value and efficiencies beyond simply delivering technology. Teleios is a leader in utilizing Cloud, Mobile and SharePoint to radically transform businesses throughout the region.