Who we are


Since 1997 we have been pioneering innovative and relevant technology throughout the region.  We are a leader in Cloud, Mobile and Automation services.


Corporate Profile

Teleios Systems provides services that help its customers to quickly and effectively deploy business solutions that leverage the power of the internet and mobile communications technologies. In the last 17 years Teleios Systems has developed expertise in the areas of scalable, distributed systems and today has systems that run 24/7/365 with 99 per cent uptime. Teleios serves customers in the Caribbean across the government, energy, retail, finance and telecommunications industries.

Pioneers.  Innovators.  Experts.

Teleios code jam

From our inception, Teleios Systems has always been concerned about Trinidad & Tobago’s ability to be producers of technology, specifically software technology. We decided that we would do our part to promote and develop the innovation and software creation capability in T&T and the wider region.

The Teleios Code Jam (TCJ) was born out of this desire and determination to change the national culture around software development. As a result, it has established a forum for students, educators and members of industry to interact, and create opportunities for the students and future software developers to create solutions with real-world relevance.

For more information on the TCJ, please visit the website.

Core Values

As Teleios commemorates over 17 years of operations, so much has changed since that fateful day in February 1997.  But we find the things that we choose to celebrate are those things that were important at the outset and which have essentially remained unchanged; the founding values and perspectives.

We learned much over the 17 years and we were able to refine and obtain greater clarity on what these things came to mean in a changing world but they have defined the unique entity that Teleios has become and remained.

Beyond the software we develop and the services we deliver these core principles and perspectives guide all that we do:

Purpose Over Profit

Teleios was never conceived as a business designed exclusively for financial gain. Profit is not the overriding objective.

Willingness to Sacrifice/Willingness to Wait

A preference for building something that has long-term value and sustainability despite the short term cost.

Value of the Whole Teleios Person

Teleios has always valued each individual beyond their technical competence and ability

Global Vision

Teleios always had a global vision as evidenced by our tag line – “Software to run the world.”


At Teleios, leadership is not a title, but really represents a place of personal responsibility, accountability and loyalty. A Teleios leader is willing to protect and sacrifice for those being led and is a creator of other leaders.

Overcoming Challenges

We expect challenges, we allow them to stretch and expand us, enjoy them even but never to destroy us.

Consistency and Quality Delivery

Striving for consistency and quality delivery have always been valued as ends in themselves. We have achieved this by empowering each individual, encouraging them to take personal responsibility for executing their task

Innovation and Creativity

Teleios has always been focused on finding creative ways to engage people’s capacity in all that they do.

Team Effort

We at Teleios have a firm belief that two are better than one – teams are fundamental to the Teleios way of life.