Teleios QuikWorx™ 


Teleios QuikWorx™ (QuikWorx) is a new and innovative tool to help you to automate your business processes. 

  • Organizations are able to empower their business users to automate business processes

  • Automation means greater efficiency, fewer mistakes and increased accountability

  • QuikWorx works with the technology infrastructure that is likely already in place, and assists in creating greater ROI for SharePoint technology

  • Reduces burden on IT personnel to code and deploy the workflow

  • Saves time and complexity because business users are able to create and deploy workflows on-demand without waiting for availability of IT personnel




Tel: 868.622.0940

"In terms of the initial benefit that we saw from SharePoint in terms of offering the collaboration and actually leveraging on both the hardware and software that we’ve invested in over time, both front end, the Microsoft Suite of products and actual SQL on your backend, we actually saw QuikWorx stepping into there to actually extend the reach of SharePoint beyond our expectations… We were really impressed by the ease and functionality of it."

Greer McIntosh, Information Technology Manager, Toyota Trinidad & Tobago Ltd