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Teleios QuikWorx™ (QuikWorx) is a new and innovative tool to help you to automate your business processes.We are pleased to announce that QuikWorx was launched on October 17th 2012. We look forward to speaking with you and to helping you to make your organization more efficient and productive. Here is some information about the product and some of the reasons we love QuikWorx – and why we think you will too.



QuikWorx is a tool to help business users automate their business process. QuikWorx was built on two basic premises:

2. Organizations have scarce resources – money, time and personnel
1. Organizations are more effective and efficient when processes are automated
By designing a tool with the non-technical business user in mind, QuikWorx enables organizations to easily automate the way they do business – without having to tie up the whole IT department, and without having to spend a fortune.

Key Benefits

  • Organizations are able to empower their business users to automate business processes
    • Automation means greater efficiency, fewer mistakes and increased accountability
  • QuikWorx works with the technology infrastructure that is likely already in place, and assists in creating greater ROI for SharePoint technology
  • Reduces burden on IT personnel to code and deploy the workflow
  • Saves time and complexity because business users are able to create and deploy workflows on-demand without waiting for availability of IT personnel

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  • Business users can easily create, validate and deploy workflows in order to automate their business processes
  • Browser-based interface
  • Workflow templates available
    • Ability to create custom workflow templates
  • QuikDesigner Studio - Intuitive drag and drop visual workflow utility for easy workflow design and implementation
  • Create forms using familiar visual components and tools such as Text Boxes, Multiple Choice and Drop-Down Menus
  • Using QuikDesigner Studio, workflow owners can determine what fields participants should fill out
  • Granular access to form fields
    • Ability to specify the fields users can edit, view or have no access to at each stage of the workflow
    • Ability to specify which workflow participants can submit forms/data
    • Ability to assign permissions based on groups or individual users
  • Integration with external systems, such as CRM, HR or Accounting systems
  • Enables email notifications to be sent to designated persons as various steps are completed throughout the workflow
  • Ability to edit saved workflows
  • Automatic workflow validation prior to deployment
  • With the click of a button, the business user can easily deploy the workflow into SharePoint for immediate use – no technical or complex support required

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